Why Transformers?

Call it nostalgia, call it escapism, call it a love for the fantastic – I am a lifelong Transformers fan from Sweden, living in Japan, spending a lot of thoughts on Cybertron… I don´t have a gigantic collection from which I can display curiosities, I am not a high-profile reviewer getting access to the latest stuff before everyone else, neither am I an accomplished photographer able to bring out the full visual glory of old and new toys. What then, have I got to bring to the table?

The key is thoughts. More than anything, I spend a lot of time thinking about Transformers, the toys as well as the fiction, in a quite theoretical and conceptual fashion. It is these thoughts I foremost mean to share with you on this blog. Having that said, I will also give reviewing a try, and last but definitely not least, I will use this blog for showcasing my own Transformers designs with the hopes of getting some feedback along the way… I will start out with a series of introductory posts, for familiarizing my non-TF fan readers with the franchise, but from there I will start to dig deeper, touching upon more original issues. Let me take you on a slightly different Transformers journey!



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